Lead Technician Wanted

Cleveland Motorcycles is looking for an experienced lead technician at their shop in Cleveland, Ohio.

Experienced tech's can expect a pretty diverse day at Cleveland Motorcycles. In the course of the week, we work on custom fabrication (ground up builds), prototyping, custom parts and day to day maintenance on customer bikes. We are currently a small shop so the day will definitely be diverse.

If you are looking for your next step in your career and are a positive, self motivated and have a good work ethic, please send us an email with your resume. Sales@ClevelandCycleWerks.com

There is also the opportunity to grow within Cleveland SpeedShop, Cleveland CycleWerks and Cleveland Motorcycles.


Bomboard + Cleveland Speed

CCW takes on various consulting projects in the power sports industry.  Every consulting job we have taken on to date has a confidentiality agreement attached to it, so it will never be known that CCW was apart of the design or development of the parts, or vehicles.  

Bomboard has taken a different approach and has asked for CCW's expertise in powertrain, when developing and understanding the needs of a compact motor that can power their invention.  We are also allowed to share that we were / are apart of the development of this product.  

CCW loves getting involved with projects that we are passionate about, and Bomboard's industry disrupting innovation is definitely something to get excited about.

Check out their website, definitely worth understanding this product more if you are into jetski's.


Kustomfest 2014 + CCW

ClevelandCycleWerks is proud to partner with Kustomfest, introducing the Cleveland Brand, to the Indonesian market.  

Javas CycleWerks is Cleveland CycleWerks exclusive distribution partner in the Indonesian market.  Javas CycleWerks has made a commitment to bring CCW's affordable, custom motorcycles to the Indonesian market.  Javas CycleWerks has made a commitment to setting up the market with proper customer support from the ground up.  

More news to come in the next few months leading up to KUSTOMFEST!

Lights, Camera....

CCW's custom Misfit 001, being shipped to undisclosed, exotic local for indie movie shoot.

We get presented opportunities like this all the time, the key is taking only the right one at the right time. We think that we put the money on the right horse. More info to follow in the next few months.


It's a movement! CCW at the ABM

Why does CCW get so hung up on Japan?  We feel that many Japanese riders and dealers understand what CCW is trying to bring to the market.  It is not just about the bikes, it is about the do it yourself culture and the small custom shop culture that makes building bikes like we do possible.  We support the small dealer making small runs of beautiful custom parts that fit just perfectly on our bikes.  We love custom and it is built into the DNA of motorcycles.  

Our stock bikes are designed from the ground up to be very clean and customizable products.  We design the bikes to be modular and easily changeable.  Our few thousand bikes a year can be exactly what we want them to be.  Clean, simple, custom machines for the person who is comfortable with the fact that affordable is cool.  Great style does not have to cost more, live within your means, save that money.  No one needs a mortgage payment on a motorcycle, that's a chore, bikes are freedom machines. 

As CCW shifts our focus on new models exclusively for the CCW brand (IE, no more private label, or selling to distributors to brand under different companies in different countries), we will continue to push the modular design approach, and we hope setup more dealers who understand the vision.  Our bikes are becoming platforms to easily change components, and allow for many custom opportunities.  Not a new concept, we are just making it much more affordable.  

So, to bring it down to earth.  This little shop here represents so much to CCW.  This shop sells mainly CCW product after transition out of their other brands.  This is a small independently owned and operated custom shop in Kagoshima, Japan.  This is where custom bikes are born!  We look forward to seeing the custom parts, custom bikes and vision from the crew @ ABM.  We hope to setup more shops like this, that can really service the customers with the ability to build an extremely affordable custom CCW bike, turn key and ready to go. 

2011 California Heist Update:

ATTN: All 2011 CCW Heist owners.  

In accordance with our agreement with California's ARB.  

CCW is requesting your help in retrofitting your vehicle with a one way valve that will not allow evaporative emissions escape from your crankcase into the atmosphere.  

This is a simple installation, it costs you nothing.  There are several ways that we can fix this issue for you:

1:  We can send a technician directly to your home or work to install this valve, it takes about 10-15 minutes.  

2:  Next time your bike is in for service, please let the technician know you need the valve installed.  

3: Call PIT Motors LTD / Steve Barber to arrange the retrofit.  

Please call :  Scooter City - Sacramento
CCW West Coast Dealer and Distributor
614 16th St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
916 380-7522

CCW Indonesia is coming from America!

Big announcement coming from CCW and our new Indonesian partner in the next few months!

We are taking it slow, doing things right and we have partnered with a very strong and passionate group of people.  

As our General manager Neil say's "seeing is believing".  Do not believe our words, believe our actions.

PowerPoint Presentation


Reorganizing the photo files and found a few from the archives. Here are some images from the development of the Ace. The Ace is being sold all over the world by many different distributors. We are happy to see the bike is loved by so many.


Cleveland Speed Shop has officially gone nuts!

Cleveland Speed Shop has indicated that they are "sick of this shit" (winter).  In an attempt to get more people building over the winter, Clevland Speedshop has drastically reduced some of our pricing for the next month to get more people wrenching and hopefully over this winter slump.  Build now or forever hold your peace, summer will be here before you know it!


Here is the super hidden link!

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