Cleveland FXx is coming!

It's not a dirt bike, it's not a mountain bike, it's a Cleveland FXx.  

50 state legal (EPA/CARB), US introduction in 30 days.

Cleveland did not invent the bobber, we just made it affordable.  Cleveland did not invent the FX, we just brought it to the masses, affordably of course!  We build bikes that we want to ride!

We are Cleveland

Project DNA level C


This is the process we use on every new vehicle, and we decided to share the development of our first electric motorcycle with the public.  We are sharing this information because we believe it will give our customers deeper insight into who we are as a company and why we made the decisions we did on this particular model.  

As our brand develops and the company grows, we are able to expand into new areas that we currently do not cover.  Cleveland CycleWerks is sub-branding our modern bikes as "CLEVELAND" to differentiate our modern bike lineup from our classic models.  As we grow, we will continue to push technology, design and manufacturing capabilities.  Below is the design brief, to be followed up with the actual design of the bike in another post.  

: Click through the presentation below :


What is CCW up to?  We are laboring over every detail on our next generation of production motorcycles.  We are making a huge push forward on design, engineering, quality and cost.

New announcements will be coming soon!

We Are Cleveland

Cole Foster + Kustomfest?

Rumor has it that Cole Foster has issued an official build challenge for 2014 Kustomfest. If this is true, Kustomfest is going to be one hell of a time. Get your asses to Indonesia in October, the bike trip of a lifetime, rent some bikes in Jogja and make memories. Sun, surfing, Kustombikes, Roland Sands, Cleveland CycleWerks. This is going to be one trip to remember!

SINTAX does it again!

1st Place, Sportster and Peoples Choice Award at this years Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally (ROT Rally).  CCW Heist Low Mount tank and CCW Brass Crown gas cap.

CCW is committed to not only building beautiful production bikes, but through our sister company Cleveland SpeedShop, we are building world class aftermarket custom parts, that have proven themselves time and time again, to be just that world class!   CCW would like to thank SINTAX for sharing the pics and details with us.  Be sure to check out the bike featured below:

The Club House Magazine:          Old Filthy Online


We are proud that the bikes, brand and lifestyle are reverberating with our customers.  We will continue to build better bikes, improve the brand and customer experience.  Thanks again to everyone who continues to support us!

:This is how you say CCW for life in Czech:

Cleveland 2014 Bike Build Off in Indonesia

Announcing Cleveland CycleWerks - KUSTOMFEST 2014 Bike Build Off.  Any custom builder interested, should submit their concept & idea to customize a HEIST from Cleveland CycleWerks, starting June 12 - July 12, 2014, to  You must live in Indonesia to enter.

the 10 Finalists will be announced July 13th.  Work on the custom HEISTs will begin July 20th, leading up to KUSTOMFEST in October 2014.  An allowance for each builder of $2000 (USD) and delivery of a stock HEIST model will be awarded to the 10 finalists.  

The 10 Finalist & Customized HEISTs will be showcased at KUSTOMFEST 2014, (October 11-12, 2014 in Jogjakarta Indonesia), and will be featured on Cleveland CycleWerks international website, getting almost 1 Million visits a month, hows that for exposure?

The judge are:  Roland Sands (RSD)  :  Lulut Wahyudi (Retro Classic Cycles)  :  Scott Colosimo (Cleveland CycleWerks)  :

The judges will choose the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.  All awards will be announced soon.  

The 1st place winner gets a VIP Trip to attending the 23rd Annual Mooneyes Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2014 in Japan!  Come show the world


SINTAX from Old Filthy is building some pretty nice bikes, not CCW bike, but using Cleveland SpeedShop parts to build some pretty unique Sportsters.  

His Sporty build below was featured in Clubhouse, and we can all agree here at Cleveland and the SpeedShop that these builds are proper!

Photos from The Clubhouse Magazine all inquires, please contact them about the mag.  A little plug for the mag, pick it up, you will not be disappointed!

A few more of this build, some details on the mag article, and a new picture of one of SINTAX's unfinished builds.  Be sure to check out his site by clicking here.

Wrath on Kon

When we hire an intern we don't have them clean the garbage or sweep the floors (well that's not all they do), they also do the heavy lifting here in the design department. Konnor is getting his feet wet working on some new Misfit designs and aftermarket parts at CCW.

We will be featuring the work of Konnor on the blog over the summer. We also have to get a little hazing in as well, so we may feature his riding lessons, that's always fun to see. Welcome to the team Konnor!


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