Heist launch in Thailand

The Heist is knows as "Iron-One" in Thailand, the Ace is known as the "Centaur" in Thailand as well.  Here is a little flavor from the launch event.  Thank you Stallions, our Thailand partner.  These bikes are also manufactured in Thailand!

Eastern Bobber and Roland Sands Design

A low quality web grab from a Rock Attack production that was made to highlight one of the founders of the Malaysian bike building scene. Omar is from Eastern Bobbers, and of course the video highlights his various builds, including one from a RSD design originally done for CCW Indonesia.  Respect!

Eastern Bobbers builds Roland Sands Sketch!

USA + Malaysia, the love of custom bikes runs deep in Malaysia.  Scott has personally been following Eastern Bobbers in Malaysia for years, enjoying their amazing small displacement bobber creations.

imagine Scotts's surprise when he saw some CCW Heists being displayed by Eastern on their website.  Much love and respect!

Here is the even wilder part. They built Roland Sands unbuilt concept.  DOUBLE WIN!  Love and respect to Roland and to everyone at Eastern!  An amazing concept realized by an amazing group or designers, craftsmen and builders! 


Reflection Internal

It's not just about the bikes, it's about the business we are building and the people we are building it with.  

When you ride in a foreign land, with someone (or 6 someones) you do not know all that well, their personalities starts to unfold.  Who are they, what are they made of, how do they ride, are they cautious, are they reckless, are they aware.  All of these things become apparent, all of these traits that the rider possess, eventually come out.  

Conversations emerge between stops and over food about life, governance, business, kids, family and in the end the glue that binds us is this love of riding.  No matter how different we are, there is a strong bond, it's a primitive thing this bond, it can't be explained to the un-anointed, the un-ridden.

This is Ziyad, one of our newest distributors, from the Middle East, we ride together.  We are Cleveland!

Heritage - UPDATE!

Al over at PIT Motors LTD. built a pretty sick Heist.  Jason's Heist was modeled after a WWII bike that Jason used as inspiration.  Jason, respect, Al well done!   

The result is spectacular.

Jason has just sent us this updated image of his delivered bike.  

Hard Tail Heist

If you want to see our bikes getting thrashed, look no further then the speed freaks in Indonesia. Rear wheel off the ground on a hard tail, this bike has a hydrogen induction system. Is it fast? Hell yeah it's pretty wicked.


Cleveland Speed for the Ace

Many new SpeedShop items being added by the Cleveland SpeedShop this week. Pleated flat seats, headlight rock guards, rear luggage racks, hard bags, stay tuned!

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